Thinglink House Labeling

We will be creating a Thinglink to label pictures of houses.  You can join by creating a free student account and then entering in the join code: WEVMNR  You can use one of the pictures below or you can find one of your own choosing. Below is an example of what Thinglink can do.  Your house should include at least 12 items being labeled correctly in German, include at least 2 items that you need to look up using LEO dictionary as well.  You should also find a video or audio clip in German or another related house picture that you link to your Thinglink as well.  In order to receive full credit, please look at the rubric at the bottom of the page to ensure that you are fulfilling all of the requirements.  Your finished Thinglink should be added to your classes Thinglink channel and the link to it should be posted in the Google Doc in your shared folder titled "Thinglink"

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