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Here are some useful resources for students:

-Leo Dictionary – great dictionary site for German learners or for English learners from Germany.  (

-Free German Online - website that has both beginner and advanced grammar lessons.  Could be used for refreshers, additional understanding/reteaching or if a student is absent. (

-Grammar of German – fabulous grammar resource, presented in both German and English! (

-Grammar Charts for German – All the grammar charts you know and love, all in one convenient place! ( – will conjugate verbs correctly in the correct tenses for you! (

-Interactive German Tutors – list of different resources available for students to practice different aspects of German grammar (

-Streaming German TV Broadcasts – a list of links to streaming German TV Broadcasts ( – List of streaming Radio Stations throughout Germany. (

-Surfmusik – A link to the Top 20 Streaming Radio Stations in Germany. ( – useful for reviewing grammar, vocab, etc.  If your teacher has it, great, but there are a lot of items that are published for anyone’s use and lots that can be gained from ssearching! (